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Hassle-free event management.

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What is it?

Event management is hard work. Our tools exist to make it easier, whether you need an AI powered chatbot to answer FAQs or an app for mass participation and virtual events.

How does it work?

Using IBM Watson, we’ve built a robust service that autonomously provides personalised support to your eventers, 24/7. It has everything you need – CRM integration, the ability to send emails, texts, to display dynamic information and update contact preferences – you name it, it’s got it.

Alongside this is a suite of off-the-shelf apps to help you get people moving and fundraising.

Why did we do it?

Accessing new and emerging technologies can be difficult. Making them effective and economical, even more so. At Puzzle, we specialise in rising to your challenges, so when we discovered a way to improve supporter experience and deflect admin and associated costs, we jumped straight in. If a supporter wants fundraising advice at 11pm, well, that’s what they’ll get.

How do I get it?

By working with us! We’ll provide you with the framework and CMS for your own AI powered chatbot. That way, you can refresh as and when needed, allowing you more time on your core work and less time on admin. We can provide your app framework too, with whatever event and fundraising tools you need.

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