Hipster Christmas Sticker Pack release

The Hipster Christmas Sticker Pack

The best way of spreading christmas cheer… is using the Hipster Christmas sticker pack.

Glad tidings, glad tidings to you and your kin. We’re in full Christmas mode in the office at the moment, with our Christmas party last week and Christmas songs being blared out the office speakers since late November, we’re well equipped…  and thats not all, we’ve gone one step further and released another Sticker pack; The Hipster Christmas Sticker Pack.

Whether you want to channel your inner elf with adding elf ears to your picture or if you want to send your friends a picture of the big man himself, the Hipster Christmas sticker pack is packed full of all your hipster, edgy, alternative festive needs.

And what better way to celebrate the festive season with a couple of hipster Christmas sayings… “Too cool for yule”, “Have a merry gluten free christmas” and “jingle my bells”. The Hipster Christmas sticker pack is full of all the festive eventualities you need.

Hipster Christmas Sticker Pack - Available Stickers

Easily applicable via the iMessage App Store the Hispter Christmas Sticker pack can be applied to all conversations either via iMessage or by text message.

Download here: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/hipster-christmas-holiday/id1187401137?mt=8