“What are you doing about China?”


China has become a new buzzword in marketing.

I’m sure you have been asked (many times) have you thought about going into China?

Do you have a WeChat and Weibo account?

Followed by “well you need one or you’ll miss out”

The opportunity in China is huge. But only for the right type of brand.


Is your brand right for the Chinese market?


Market research and testing are key here.

Start by looking at what your competitors are doing in China.

Who is doing well and who isn’t?

Is there a want for your product in China?

If so, who is buying it? Is it 16-22-year-olds in Shanghai or 26-32-year-olds in Beijing?

How are they buying it? Online (desktop, mobile, tablet)

On what platform? (brand websites, social media – if so what ones)

Or is it in store?

And how often? Is it one-off orders, bulk or repeat purchases?

After honestly answering these questions and finding out if there is a real need for your product, the question is now how to reach the people who want to buy what you’re selling.


How to reach your consumer in China?


When talking about marketing in China, most marketers talk about the social platforms and technology they want to focus on.

If you want to do well and differentiate yourself. You need to look further upstream.

Always start with the right creative.

This has to be right for the audience you’re focusing on.

It has to feed what the market is craving.

On the whole, creative that works in western markets will not work in the Chinese market.

A great way to do this is by testing out a range of creative on your target demographic on a range of platforms. See what works what doesn’t. Tweak and optimise.

When choosing the right channel to distribute on, you need to understand how your consumers use each platform.

The most popular Chinese social media platforms are WeChat and Weibo. However, most are active on 8 different social platforms. The most popular platforms might not always be the best for your brand.

You also need to understand how your target Chinese consumers like to buy.

It is reported that 74% of Chinese consumers have brought on their mobile in the last month.

Things like free delivery, coupons/discounts and strong customers reviews are great ways to drive purchases in China.


Before you jump straight in


After working out if there is a need for your product in China, who is your target audience is and how they like to buy.

You need to ask yourself, what does success look like for my brand in China?

Is it brand awareness? How do you measure it?

Is it to drive footfall? If so, to what store?

Are you looking to focus on local Chinese consumer or the travelling Chinese consumer?

Or is it simply to experiment in different markets?

If you would like help to discover what is right for you. We would love to help.

We did it for Deliveroo. We launched them into 11 different countries across the globe. Taking them from a 3-person team to over 1000 employees.

If you want to see how we did for them and how we can do it for you.

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