Yes, your brand needs a mobile game – Here’s why


A third of smartphone users say they use a game app daily. Now to go one step further, out of all app activity, spanning news, entertainment and sport, mobile gaming comes out on top. It is a massive market. And a huge opportunity for brands.


Make it work for your brand


Most brands I talk to want to engage on a deeper level with their customers. A given, right? But what does it actually mean to do this?

Think Red Bull.

Firstly, you’re never going to be your customers best friend. Stop trying to be.

The best you’re going to get is to be useful to them in a given period of time.

The way to get even near this is to work out where your customers are online, what they like and how you can add value to their life.

By value, I mean, trigger emotions in them.

The most engaged content online is ever funny, awe-inspiring or stirs anger. Practical information is up there too.

Mobile games are a great way for brands to create a context for all of the above to happen.

Brands have a rare opportunity through mobile gaming to engage with potential/current customers on a daily basis, potentially for hours.

It ticks all the boxes. It’s a place where you can mould to suit your objectives because you control the context.


There is a problem though


Brands which do invest in mobile games, normally justify their investment by throwing their branding all over it.

Instead, make a great game everybody wants to play. Then slowly introduce your brand. Get customers in your context then serve them well.

Of course, this won’t happen overnight.

Trust and loyalty, or what everyone calls it now, engagement, takes years.

If you want actual brand loyalty, create a roadmap for them over the next five years.

Creating tiny uplifts of sales and awareness might seem great in the short run. Especially to show your boss. But if you look from a distance you realise overall, you’re staying in the same place, on a constant cycle.

So if you’re looking to learn more about how mobile gaming can impact your long-term brand strategy, speak to one of our experts here