Railrepay is an independent rail compensation solution working with all train operators to simplify the claims process for both consumers and train operators.

Creating a new journey

Historically, claiming back your late, delayed or cancelled train has been a complicated and time-consuming experience.

It’s estimated that only 36% of rail users claim for a delayed or cancelled journey, meaning £75 million to £85 million of compensation is left unclaimed each year.

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We’ve been working closely with the railrepay team to make this process as smooth and as simple as possible.

All you have to do is download the app, scan your ticket if your train is late, delayed or cancelled and if you are entitled to compensation you will receive your refund in a matter of minutes.

We worked with Puzzle to take Rail Repay from just an idea to a reality. We worked together on all elements from UX & Design through to the development of our backend platform, iOS & Android apps. Along the way we even picked up the Best Travel & Leisure app at the UK App Awards.

George Robbins, Founder, Railrepay