5 Reasons to Welcome Samsung Simband

samsung simband

The wearable’s market is a hot topic at the moment.

It feels like every obvious manufacturer (some less than obvious) has now launched a device in this category, although its fair to say with most at first or second-generation models the industry’s hype and potential hasn’t been fulfilled.

However, Samsung’s follow up to the GEAR S and their first creation since the Apple Watch has the potential to buck that tend, the news reaching us from Samsung’s Developer Conference in San Francisco about the Simband has caused a stir in Puzzle’s office today.

If you haven’t seen any of the coverage, these are the 5 main reasons we are excited for its launch;

1) Its curved 2-inch display maximises the display of the device allowing for more data to be read

2) The Simband is intended to be used by those within the medical industry, initially

3) The Simband comes with six sensors, To measure heart rate, activity, track blood pressure, CO2 and oxygen levels, its also has a Thermometer and a GSR, which monitors changes in how much sweat your skin is producing

4) The Simband’s sensors, can be added to by developer & researchers giving it almost limitless monitoring possibilities

5) It has an interchangeable battery, so no need to take it off at night to charge it

5 Reasons to be excited by it's announcement
5 Reasons to be excited by it’s announcement

It’s not clear what the long-term ambition is for the Simband. Will it stay in the hands of the medical profession only or will there be a consumer version? Even if it does stay in the hands of researchers it shows that Samsung are serious in this space.

By continuing to innovate in this area its reasonable to expect that in the near future some of these learnings and features will make their way into improving the consumer versions of their wearable ranges to the benefit of user’s health and wellbeing.

Exciting times.

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