Mobile Is In Rude Health [Infographic]

Mobile Health

According to Research2Guidance, the market for mHealth services will reach $ 26 billion globally by 2017.  mHealth is also the fastest growing app category,  pushed forward by two related factors:

  • The growth in wearable devices and their close association with direct consumer health benefits like regular exercise and diet.
  • The growth in the deployment of mobile in the medical health sector as a tool that helps doctors and patients throughout the diagnosis and treatment phases of many illnesses. 

Both these aspects strike at the heart of the uniqueness of mobile –  the most widely distributed platform for personal and patient engagement.  Perhaps that’s why 80 per cent of global smartphone users in this survey indicated interest in using their smartphones to interact with health care providers.  

This infographic takes a useful deep dive at the stats behind mobile and health space.   

mhealth infographic

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