Evolution of Smartwatches: Tag Heuer’s Smartwatch

Tag Heuer - Smartwatch

Smartwatch: Tag Heuer’s Android Smartwatch to be unveiled on November 9th

Today Tag Heuer have given the world a first glimpse of the Tag Heuer Connected. It’s the companies first play in the Smartwatch category and sees them partnering with Intel & Google.

From what we can see it appears that they have kept the design reasonably inline with their more traditional ranges with the Connected featuring a large crown and bezel. At the moment the finer detail is still to be announced however we do know that its going to cost upwards of £1,000 which will see it easily become the most expensive Android Wear watch on the market.

It remains to be seen if this is going to appeal to a true horologist but here at Puzzle we’re watching closely to see how this plays out and if Tag’s entry into the market is going to give Android Wear the kick it needs to compete in the luxury tech wearables market.

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