Puzzle work with GameStore from The National Lottery


Puzzle London teamed up with GameStore from the National Lottery to create and exciting social campaign.

The message was simple; you have a 1 in 4 chance of winning each time you play with The National Lottery GameStore. We decided to engage with the audience through 4 different games across 4 cities and highlight the great odds on offer.

With this in mind, we took a GameStore cash prize of £400 and £100 worth of Scratchcards to Manchester. The winning envelope was delivered to a secret location and live streamed for participants to see. From the stream alone it would have been almost impossible to find the prize, so we devised 4 clues which alluded to the secret location. The position of the prize was defined a little bit more with each hint and slowly improved the participant’s chances winning.

National Lottery fans in and outside of Manchester got involved with guessing the cryptic clues and eventually Natalie Pike was crowned the winner. Check out this video to see how she celebrated.

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