Puzzles Hot Picks: No 2

Puzzle London Hot Picks

Welcome to the weekly round-up of what the team at Puzzle London have seen in Advertising, Tech, Social and Mobile and thought was interesting.

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We’ve found an interesting video that designs for daydream (VR) if you don’t have the patience to watch it all, check out the demos at the end starting here!

NHS launches its first ever augmented reality billboard campaign to show the power of blood donations.

Is it time for marketer’s to rethink metrics and performance indicators? Check out this article and take a look for yourself.

Looking to find your next customers? Want to measure the happiness of your current customers? Twitters advance search helps when it comes to this!

And finally…

Summer’s just around the corner so what better way to get in the spirit than by having Google Play and Tripadvisor team up to select your own custom holiday playlist!

Speaking of holidays, if you don’t know that much of the language here’s a new piece of tech that allows you to wear an ear piece that helps break down the language barrier!

Happy Friday!

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