Puzzle and GamesStore Collaborate to Create #WinGold


We teamed up with GameStore from the National Lottery and a host of celebrities  to bring the #WinGold live-stream event.

On Thursday 28th July, The Puzzle London Team worked with GameStore from The National Lottery for their #WinGold event at Pinewood Studios, the most ambitious branded live stream event yet.
The format was simple:

– 3 races of 40 minutes throughout the course of the day
– 4 Competitors in each race
– Who could run the furthest on a treadmill in 40 minutes

Participants, ranging from members of the public to Iwan Thomas, Tiffany Watson, Sam Thompson, Layla Anna-Lee and Em Sheldon were challenged to run on a treadmill for 40 minutes.

The races were streamed live across Facebook and Twitter. During each live stream, the public were able to pick which runner they thought would win and had the chance to vote via Twitter & Facebook for the challenges they would like to see the runners complete; including, finding medals within a ball pit and shooting some hoops! Throughout the race, viewers were also able to win random spot prizes just for interacting.

Dan Beasley, CEO of Puzzle London said; It was great to work with GameStore from The National Lottery on the most ambitious branded live stream to date. Branded live streams are proving to be an extremely effective medium for reaching larger audiences. It sounds simple but you can offer richer, more exciting, fun and engaging content using live streams which is perfect for GameStore from The National Lottery.

The event was a huge success, in fact, #WinGold reached number 3 of the Twitter trending charts!
Congratulations to Em Sheldon taking home the gold for the girls in Game 1. Congratulations also to Iwan Thomas for putting us all to shame with a win for Game 2 and 3!

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