Instagram Stories VS Snapchat Stories

Instagram Stories

Instagram recently released their ‘stories’ feature that allows users to share moments with others. The feature resembles fundamentals that are shown in the popular photography app, Snapchat.

Introducing the unique and extremely original new feature on your favourite social media platform, Instagram, named stories. Sorry did I say unique and original? Oh how wrong I am. Do they remind you of anything?

Yep you guessed it, Instagram has copied their competitor Snapchat. You can take pictures or upload an image or video you have taken in the past 24 hours to your story. They are seen by your followers, however, unlike an Instagram post on your profile, you cannot like or comment on a story, only direct message the person. The stories only last for 24 hours, they are essentially for the images you do not deem fit enough to remain on your Instagram page and to keep your followers up to date with your daily whereabouts. Your chosen media can be edited via drawings, emojis and texts. If you have used Snapchat before, you can easily use Instagram Stories.

The Instagram Stories of your followers appear on a bar at the top of your homepage. You can check to see who has viewed your story by swiping up from the bottom of the uploaded medium.

Snapchat has recently launched their new memories feature, where you can upload images from your camera role to your story. This is a feature that Instagram derived from the very beginning of their stories existence.

]Now we have an overview of what the stories are and how it works within the app, let’s have a look at the similarities of Instagram and Snapchat Stories.

Similarities include:
• The name ‘stories’
• Chosen media only lasts for 10 seconds.
• Your uploaded media is removed after 24 hours
• Have the ability to watch your followers/ friends’ stories and vise versa
• Have the ability to react to someone’s story through sending them a direct message
• Have the ability to edit your chosen media via text, drawing, emojis and filters
• They show you who has watched your story
• You can save the photo you have taken within the app to your camera roll

Puzzle are a little shocked at just how similar Snapchat Stories and Instagram Stories are. Granted, Facebook, who own Instagram, have been trying to copy Snapchat for years but is this a little too much? They are basically the same! There are a few differences which may sway your opinion to a preferred platform.

Differences include:
• Instagram has more drawing options such as the marker
• Instagram lets you post segments of your story to your Instagram profile
• Snapchat lets you see who has screenshotted your story, whereas Instagram doesn’t
• Lastly, Snapchat still remains as the only platform with Geofilters and cool lenses

Which one do you prefer? We’re heading towards Instagram…

Feature Image Credit: Pocket-lint

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