Puzzle & CRUK aim to #FilterOutCancer

CRUK Campaign - Filter Out Cancer

Puzzle London worked with Cancer Research UK to create a Twitter-based campaign, #FilterOutCancer, aimed at millennials and young people to encourage support and continue to play a part in the future.

We worked closely with Cancer Research UK to create a Twitter-based campaign that aims to attract and incorporate young millennials to make a change. The campaign invites young people to interact via Twitter and personalise their profile photos with influencer-created filters. Influencers include comedian, Rob Beckett, BRIT Award nominee, DJ Fresh, and YouTubers Olivia Purvis, Alex Osipczak and Jack Maynard.

Accompanied with the filter, the campaign aimed to further encourage young people to be a part of the campaign by including a case study video that included Ethan, a young man who was diagnosed with cancer at 14. Now 19, the video aims to inspire other young people to help create more stories. The video aims takes the viewer through a day in the life journey of Ethan, who despite the previous setbacks, aims to live life to the full and take part in things he enjoys regularly.

The Filter Out Cancer campaign invites Twitter to users to take part by tweeting @CRUK with a profile photo of themselves, accompanied with the hashtag #FilterOutCancer and another hashtag with the name of the influencers filter, e.g – #RobBeckett. Whilst the image is being processed, the users are then sent the campaign video and invite to be a further part of Cancer Research UK via the bespoke #FilterOutCancer website.

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