Pets mean prizes | Tracking Charitable Attitudes

Emotion = action.

Easy to say, but harder to make a reality in the digital landscape. We know all too well that without an emotive connection, digital is a far less powerful tool. In order to help us plan better, we decided to start a quarterly tracker assessing the relationship of advertising to awareness, recall, and trust, for charities.

One of the more interesting anecdotal data points showed that people with pets are 12% more likely to have recently given to a charity. Of course, that isn’t so surprising given the prevalence of animal welfare charities. From a paid media targeting point of view, this could be an interesting insight, and in turn interesting test, of the emotive and empathetic states of potential supporters. And, not only that but people who have cats are 9% more likely to have given to charity than people with dogs. However, it’s clearly important not to go barking up the wrong tree, because we all know that correlation doesn’t automatically equal causation (…we’ll aim for at least one dad joke a quarter too).

The survey covers 385 respondents across the UK [Age: 65-100 years (25%), 25-44 years (25%), 15-24 years (25%), 45-64 years (25%) Gender: Female (51%), Male (49%)] using insight platform Attest.

Some other highlights:

  • 16% of people who saw adverts reported their trust in charity had increased vs 4% of those who didn’t see advertisements
  • 16% of those who saw ads stated the likelihood of giving to charity had increased vs 2% who had not seen adverts
  • TV still remains a powerful source of prompted recall, but social is close behind

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