Chatbots – our pick of the best around

The future of marketing is about stepping away from interrupting to building real authentic relationships with customers. At the heart of this is giving customers exactly what they’re looking for, on demand. A direct path from problem to solution. With complete ease and without fuss.

Chatbots provide marketers with this opportunity, at scale.

Scroll through your LinkedIn newsfeed and you will see most marketers talking about them. But what exactly is a chatbot?

A bot is nothing more than a computer program that automates certain tasks, typically by chatting with a user through an interface. When done right, chatting with a bot should be like talking to a human that knows absolutely everything.

Conversation is key to everything we do. Take the growth of messaging apps, they’re quickly surpassing social media platforms with over 5 billion users worldwide. This is perfect stomping ground for chatbots to thrive. Right in the thick of it.

WeChat in China and Facebook Messenger are leading the way, Messenger had over 100,000 bots created on its platform last year. Chatbots have the ability to streamline many aspects of our day to day lives, freeing up valuable time to spend on the things that really matter to us.


So to get you inspired, here are five examples that stand out from the crowd;


DoNotPay – It helps contest parking tickets across London and New York for free. Since its launch it has taken on over 250,000 cases and won over 160,000, appealing over 4 million parking tickets.


Masterpass – created by Mastercard, built on Messenger, it allows developers to quickly and easily integrate Masterpass payment technology into conversational commerce experiences. A great tool for small restaurants and local businesses.



Spotify Group Playlist – built on Messenger, users can create new Spotify playlists with friends and immediately begin collaborating to build out their perfect mix. It is designed for parties, road trips, or simply collecting new favourites, Group Playlists provide a seamless way for users to collaborate and share music more easily.



MediateBot – Its aim is to help you stay calm. To do so, the bot guides its users through meditation exercises. Users can also set daily reminders to get into a regular meditation habit. – provides an AI-enhanced CRM solution that helps businesses connect in real-time with their customers wherever they are, whenever they’d like and in the communication channels they prefer.


So why should your organisation build one?


Bots are the future. Everyone and anyone will be building one. From useful to useless. Before you decide to implement one, you should ask yourself what is the real purpose of building a bot?

  • Do you want to drive sales?
  • Do you want to grow customer acquisition?
  • Do you simply want to experiment with new technology?


Whatever it is you need to have a clear purpose and goal.

Chatbots that stand out are ones that have a single purpose and execute it well.

When chatbots are done right, they can add real value to your customer, helping build trust and loyalty towards your brand.

Just remember though (as seen below) when done badly they can have the complete opposite effect.


So, if you’re thinking about chatbots and looking to see how one can help your organisation give us bell or come and see us here

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