How brands can win at the World Cup


The 2018 World Cup – the biggest event of the year for the 3.5 billion football fans worldwide.


How can your brand truly make its mark at the World Cup?


One element that is going to allow you to win big is influencer marketing. Influencer marketing at its most authentic is like no other form of advertising. It is unique, relevant and direct.

The way fans engage with sport is changing constantly. They want to feel as close as possible to what happens on and off the pitch. Through advancements in technology and social media, this is becoming more and more of a reality. And becoming a huge opportunity for forward-thinking brands to monopolise on.

Often, what brands get wrong in influencer marketing is forgetting about the authenticity of their influencers. All too often you see influencers promoting a product that is completely out of context of their usual content.


Doing it right


At Puzzle London, we have lots of experience in the world of influencer marketing.

We recently worked with arguably the worlds biggest YouTube footballing influencers, The F2. The brief given was given to us by Square Enix. They wanted us to relaunch the world famous Championship Manager title and set us the challenge of reaching the next generation of fans across the world.

We quickly identified that we needed to go directly to where the new generation of fans go for their news, views and goals… which is all online.

Here, the fit between F2 and Championship Manager was seamless. We knew from looking at the data that if we collaborated on a piece of content featuring not just F2, but another face of Championship Manager, the current Tottenham Hotspurs manager, Mauricio Pochettino, we would have something special.

So we set about a day of filming at Spurs training ground to find out



The results


Was a unique piece of viral content that went on to get more than 5 million views, 127k likes and 7k+ comments.

Not only that, we achieved our goal of delivering content and messaging that fans were happy to consume. This allowed us to smash our KPI’s and drive more than 10 million downloads and secured us more than 12 global number 1 positions in the App Store and Google Play.


What can we do for you?


At Puzzle London, we’re focused on giving you meaningful engagement with the people you care about. Through creativity, data and social we make sure every influencer marketing campaign we run is bespoke, measurable and powerful. We’re fully focused on giving you the highest ROI possible.

Don’t let your brand miss one of the biggest marketing opportunities of the year.

If you want to talk to one of our experts about a World Cup influencer strategy then drop Alex a line here or you can call on 02074012162

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