JustGiving… a bit more?

Last week, online fundraising giant JustGiving announced that, after successful trials, they’re changing their fee structure.

Individuals will now be able to opt to cover the 5% fee JustGiving take from donations, on gift aid eligible gifts. The trial included big hitters like Make A Wish Foundation, Water Aid and Great Ormond Street Hospital, and results showed around 70% of people opted to add to their donation to cover the fee (which equates to an additional £1 per £20 donated).

28 million people worldwide have used the platform, which also boasts users in 90% of UK postcodes. But how many of them know how JustGiving makes money? Or indeed, that they make money at all?

The Puzzle office argued over this for a while. ‘People think it’s not-for-profit’ some cried (this features in the top FAQs on site, so holds some sway). ‘But what about media coverage of high profile causes, where people have been outraged at the cut JustGiving take?’ cried others. ‘Nah, people don’t know or care’, mused others.

To settle the matter, we ran a nat-rep sample asking ‘Do you know how the website JustGiving makes money?’

Slight misnomer in the results, which we can blame on one of our Founders, as technically charities can also pay a fee to be on the platform (for enhanced functionality). Taking a percentage of donations could also be construed as paying a fee to be on site, but still, the results are in. And the answers are fairly reflective of our own office argument, with ‘not-for-profit’ being superseded by ‘advertising on site’. Perhaps it’s time for a new most-popular FAQ?!

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