Charities CAN and DO when it comes to digital

Of course they can and do, though of course you’ve read that there are big skill and budget gaps – and there often are. But instead of doing just another thinkpiece about that, we’re championing some great uses of social and mobile. You’re in for a treat!

1. Hacking a trend – the right way
Lots of charities have tried to create their own viral hits, following runaway successes that have generally started organically. Which isn’t particularly replicable. For anyone. Instead of trying to create their own, Save the Children cleverly hacked the #YannyOrLaurel discussion doing the rounds on Twitter in mid-May. They followed the trend as it moved over to sound breakdown videos on Facebook and made their own video, making hairs stand on end as they highlighted the ongoing violence and destruction in Gaza. Listen here:

2. Creating interactive, accessible empathy
Connecting beneficiaries’ daily experiences with supporters and potential supporters’ daily experiences is the bread and butter of creating empathy. This 360 video by the Alzheimer’s Society does that brilliantly.

It immerses you in a different sensory environment without the need for any kind of tech beyond Facebook and a phone. It’s almost like a VR experience, but you don’t need to put a silly headset on. They also set a clear task for the user to drive interaction while also driving home their point. Try it out:

3. An app with a purpose
‘We need an app’ is a phrase that is oft muttered, whether it’s in a Trustee meeting, by a well-meaning marketing volunteer or the latest from the Head of Fundraising. You don’t, always.

But where you might, it’s worth noting that there doesn’t need to be any techo-trickery to make it worthy – this example that revolutionises the lives of beneficiaries demonstrates that perfectly.

‘Be my eyes’ is community based – one of the largest micro-volunteering platforms in the world – connecting blind and visually impaired people with sighted people around the world to help them complete day-to-day tasks so they can live more independent lives. Get involved:

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