5 Ways Fitness Bloggers Use Instagram To Promote Their Business

You’ve made it! You’re sitting on the white sands of Bali with a fresh coconut in one hand and a dumbbell in the other. A deluxe fruit basket floats over to you through still waters and a note sits amid the mangos: how did my life get this good? Well, it’s quite simple. Instagram. If, as a fitness blogger, you’re willing to put as much work into your social media as you are your abs, then you too could find yourself debating whether to go to the 07:00am Pilates or 08:20am meditation class amongst tropical bliss.

These five steps are far from gospel, but they will definitely set you in the right direction to achieving fitness blogger stardom.

Pictures, Videos and Text Posts

Through your years of intense training and meticulous research, you are now a hub of pure fitness knowledge. What use would there be keeping it all locked away? Instagram’s most basic features will prove to be your holy grail.

Using photos, you can showcase before and after pictures, giving your audience some insight on how well your routines work. Photos can also platform fitness progression as extra inspiration for your followers. At the end of the day, a lot of your followers are on your blog to give them that little kick up the bum that they need to push themselves and if you’re providing high quality and aesthetically pleasing content, then odds are they’ll crawl back for more.

Videos are a fantastic way of revealing small extracts of workout strategies and fitness instructions. Though these videos only last a minute, it’s enough time for a viewer to gain an understanding on the workout and decide on whether or not they want to progress to the entire exercise. Want to make it even easier for them? Provide a link in the bio of the video that takes them straight to the work out!

Offering extra motivation is key in the fitness world and always duly noted by its fans. A simple yet effective way to do this is through text posts. If you have a particularly engaging quote from seminar you once visited or a book you love, type it up in a nice font and post it! Your followers will appreciate a push even if it’s through a simple sentence.

Swipe up/Buy Now

If you are in a position where you have your own range of equipment, clothing, fitness plans and recipes then of course you’ll want everyone to know and more importantly- everyone to buy. Be aware that simply providing photos of this isn’t enough now for the lazier of the generations out there. Don’t let this scare you off. Instagram has made it easy for both producer and consumer. In addition to uploading a photo of those hyper-tech trainers to your story, you can also instigate a ‘buy now’ button taking you straight to the products whereabouts online. Taking away all the faff that your followers could potentially be faced with, it leads you in the right direction to making a purchase you otherwise may not even have considered.


Of course, it’s a dog eat dog world out there and it’s every man for his or herself. But coming together with other members of the fitness world could actually prove to be highly beneficial for your business.

Different bloggers have a different outreach. Their audiences vary to yours meaning should a collaboration take place; your follower count could reach sky high numbers. And the more people who follow you only means one thing- more money.

On top of this, it’s a great way for you to broaden your knowledge. Techniques can be shared, recipes can be swapped, making for a very excitable fan base. If you happen to be two big names in the fitness world, a collaboration could be extraordinary news for your fans creating a lot of hype around your name. And with hype comes opportunity! With your new, wider audience, you have the potential of being spotted by some even bigger names allowing for an even more engaging collaboration.

Creating A Style

If every fitness blogger produced the same content, dressed the same, released the same recipes and the same workouts, Instagram would be a very boring place. That’s where the beauty of your own blog comes into play. Your blog is a personification of you! So have fun with it! With apps that link with Instagram such as Layout and VSCO, you’re given free reign to alter photos and the layout of your blog before actually posting anything. This grants you the ability to design a page that sticks out from the crowd. Develop a certain way of posting or discover a colour scheme that catches the eye- do anything to cultivate a sense of individuality. It may not seem like a lot but creating uniqueness sticks in people’s minds and gives you that extra boost above the other bloggers.


You’ve just released a photo of you and another fitness blogger entangled on a yoga mat. This is great and all, but if you’re only starting up on Instagram then you won’t have a huge following to appreciate all your hard work! Queue in hash-tagging. Anything that you think relates to your photo will get your blog out there and in the eye of the people. If you are persistent enough with uploading photos regularly and hash-tagging then your blog will spread like wildfire through the forests of ‘the gram’. This is also a great tool for potential brands to notice you if they’re on the look out for influencers.

Having worked recently with the likes of LDN Muscle, we’re happy to offer some more information to those looking at expanding their knowledge in social media. If you’d like to chat about all things social, drop us a line on hello@puzzlelondon.com.

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