Please mind the [digital skills] gap

With just a month to go until the launch of the first Digital Code of Practice for charities, we’re set to see the third sector improve their tech skills and increase their digital activity – or at least, that’s the idea!

From chatbots and AI to hyperlapse video and innovative apps, brands are forging ahead, experimenting with digital and generating impact on a huge scale. The Digital Code of Practice, funded by Lloyds Banking Group and Co-op Foundation, was initially borne out of fears that charities – especially the small ones that make up the majority of the sector – would get left behind in the tech revolution. But fear not, it’s not too late to embrace digital!

The challenges faced are tackled head on; with the code providing guidance on key themes such as:

  • Accessing digital skills funding
  • Risk management
  • Getting buy-in from senior stakeholders
  • Securing approval from leadership teams

The code will be free to access for all charities, and aims to help them develop their digital skills, embrace opportunities for digital and technological transformation, increase their impact and, create sustainable strategies for the future.

For some charities, even with the help of the code, there will still be a long way to go; but getting going is the first step. So please mind the digital skills gap and let technology prove what it can do for you!

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