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Over 1 billion people use the Instagram app every month, with more than 500 million using the platform every day. Impressive. And also, lots and lots of data.

With huge platform growth has come serious ad and content spend. But the information that comes out the other end, in terms of analytics, is not easy to access and can be incomplete. If only there was something to bridge that gap to make things easier… enter: Squarestats.

For any marketing team or influencer, one of the banes of the job can be collecting and manually adding Instagram analytics to a spreadsheet. Tasks like this can take hours – or days – and, depending on size, can come with errors.

That’s where our fantastic new platform comes into play. Squarestats can collate complete stats instantly for posts and Stories. It’s that easy – I know, who would’ve thought it!

Squarestats has desktop access. This means no more switching between phone and desktop, squinting your eyes at screenshots of analytics before squinting even more, then adding them to a huge spreadsheet that looks like something from The Matrix. The information is but a click away, and instantly downloadable to use in reports.

The app also allows you to view up-to-date engagement rates, letting you keep a closer eye on what content works for your audience, therefore helping you create more engaging content. It also tracks historic post and Story data, letting you view and export.

There’s already over 150 registered users from big businesses to influencers and SMBs. Rick (you know, Rick) from an Australian radio station said:

Works well and gives me the information I crave. Making my social media reporting life much easier. Thanks a bunch! (PS, you can use that as some part of a testimonial if you want)”.

Oh, we will Rick, don’t you worry.

To find out more about Squarestats, check out the website or email us at

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Joe Hale