Using social media to bridge social distancing

COVID-19 has had an instant impact on our social lives, bringing a major spike in social media use. During these times, now more than ever, apps and social channels are keeping us updated, connected and supported. Hear more from Joe, from our Client Services team, below.


Public health organisations are using social media platforms to inform and update about the virus, offering clarity for people around the world. Through social channels, people can learn the latest tips to keep safe and appropriate precautions to take.

However, one major flaw in social media is the spread of misinformation, something you can read more about here. Social channels have begun putting measures in place to stop the spreading of this content, Facebook recently revealed it’s banning ads that guarantee a “cure” for the virus. 


Whilst we aren’t able to physically meet up with friends and family, interactive apps like Houseparty enable group video chats with online games for entertainment. Netflix have created social distancing movie nights, with Netflix Party, that lets people watch films together, even though they’re apart.

Socially, the situation isn’t ideal for anyone. But there are ways to use apps for comfort and keep us in contact during this period. 


Social media has been important in giving a voice to those affected by the virus – either people who have had it themselves or those with a loved one that has or has had COVID-19. It has also allowed frontline workers to share their experiences, grief, gratitude and needs. 

For those who are staying inside and feeling cooped up, there are tips aplenty to help you stay mentally strong and occupied. If you’re working from home – you can read our tips on how to make the most of your new ‘office’ routine here.

Author: Joe Hale

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