Spotlight Series: Sneakerheads for Klarna UK.

Spotlight Series explores the great work our team delivers for our partners  – and how fun, creative, techniques fit into the world of digital marketing and social media. Han, from our Client Services team, has the low-down on all things Puzzle-produced.

“Mention the word ‘bot’ to sneakerheads and you’ll probably be met with a quiet anger”

– Chi Chi Izundu, BBC Business

Picture this, it’s the year 2040. Technology has finally eradicated bots from the sneakerhead community. You can get the kicks you love… and pay in three instalments with Klarna!  

Shopping for the right piece – something original, bespoke or unique – is a passion for many. Nowhere is that more apparent than in the sneaker community. Those who’re transfixed by trainers, who search for shoes and covet kicks – but who can be pipped to the post by a bot with the sole purpose of getting as many pairs as poss to re-sell at inflated prices. Bad bots. We’re firmly on the side of shoppers on this one. 

We launched Klarna’s sneakerheads campaign, in collaboration with High Snobiety, to show shoppers Klarna always have their backs. And threw in the chance to win sneaker-based prizes of a lifetime, because hey, why not?!

With fun organic and paid content, an Instagram filter game AND accompanying micro influencer activity to boot, we amplified the campaign, engaged the Klarna community and had a whole lot of fun with it. Because that’s what modern marketing is all about, right? 

It all began with a pair of custom Nike Air Force 1 sneakers to give away, designed by @artofavisionary. An awesome prize – but how do we engage both the savvy sneaker consumer and our Klarna social communities?

Thus Heartbeats 4 Sneakers, an interactive, retro 8-bit style game in the format of a filter, was born. And so was Success. The filter incorporates Klarna brand elements along with a jumping sneaker that entrants had to move with their eyebrows. To win? Easy – play the game, share your score and tag! 

Our ad-solutely fabulous (ok – I’ll admit that pun is a stretch) media team generated a whopping 6.82M impressions for Klarna’s smoooth sneaker raffle and our filter ads drove 53.5k impressions.

We engaged micro-influencers to create some buzz around the game – because real people using the filter is the best exposure! We asked them to play the game and tag They also shared their passion for sneakers – like a pair they love so much they’d never re-sell, encouraging their followers to enter the smoooth sneaker raffle.

Our Instagram followers loved our brow-flexing game, and the winner was a keen sneakerhead who was thrilled about their unique kicks. But don’t just take our word for it: 

 @jacobcrichton_96 said “don’t have these thick brows for nothing” 

– I have to say Jacob, I’m envious. They would’ve been a useful asset, so I could’ve been the Puzzler with the highest score.

@sasha_ursa said “this should be an extreme sport my fod is on fire”

If you are not from the north (ahem… me) fod = forehead. And you would be right there Sasha, it certainly is a fod workout. 

We loved working on this campaign and got some great feedback from our partners, news outlets and, most importantly, the community we’re helping to build at Though the competition may be over, you can still play our sneaker-tastic game here

So what’s next for Klarna? Wait and see. We promise it’ll be smoooth.

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