Three Cheers for 90 Years… Happy Birthday, wilko!

Red, wilko branded balloons. A bold font on the image says "Three cheers for 90 years... happy birthday, wilko!"

Spotlight Series explores the great work our team delivers for our partners  – and how fun, creative, techniques fit into the world of digital marketing and social media. Fabienne, Account Manager for our partner wilko, talks 90th birthday celebrations…

wilko has sat at the heart of British retail for the last 90 years; growing from just one shop to over 400 stores and 8,000 employees nationwide. wilko have become a highstreet staple you can always rely on for great value and high quality products. And it doesn’t stop there.

Whether it’s members of the ever-growing team, the charities they’ve worked with or the customers who love them, wilko has a lot of people to thank for helping them along the way. 

We wanted to tell the story of the incredible journey the brand has been on since that first store in Leicester… but how do you pack 90 years of history into one social activation?

The answer is, with an activation that celebrates wilko’s heritage, people and customers by connecting all the little wins through the years and using UGC to generate fantastic engagement and really involve customers in the living history of the brand.

Say hello to ‘90 years of’…   

Social-friendly content brought wilko’s journey through the years to life, ending with a nod to the future. We created hero video content for Facebook and Instagram Stories which highlighted key moments and dates throughout the last 90 years. 

Watch the full video here.

Celebrating customers

We asked our customers to use their Instagram Stories to share the reasons they most love wilko, and let’s just say…. there were plenty of reasons! Our wonderful Creative team turned these little wins into reactive Stories that allowed us to highlight the moments of joy wilko has provided to shoppers – and give us an opportunity to thank customers for their support over the years! 

Products on point 

We used paint – wilko’s first ever branded product – to show how we’ve transformed our products and adapted to meet customers’ needs through the years. We know there’s always been something for everyone at wilko – from the very eager DIY enthusiast to the bougie-on-a-budget interior designer – but it all started with paint. We wanted to show how we’ve kept-up with customer needs, whatever they may be, through the years.

Watch the full video here.

In summary – a big Happy 90th Birthday to wilko! You don’t look a day over 89.

From opening their first store back in 1930, to developing their first branded paint range in 1973, to handling home essentials across the country in a very unusual 2020 – a lot has changed for the popular British retailer, and we’re proud to call them our partner. 

Here’s to 90 more!

You can catch Fabienne here, see the work we do for wilko here, and if you’d like to chat about what we can do for your brand on social – whether it’s 9 years old or 90 – drop us an email:

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