Meet The Team: Creatives.

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We often talk about the great work our team do (not that we could ever cover it all), but we don’t always get chance to talk about the wonderful people that make up Puzzle. Our Puzzle Peeps, if you will. 

Here’s your comprehensive introduction to our excellent Creative team – the movers, the shakers, the asset makers. Need something moving a few pixels to the left or a font to be 2% larger (pretty pleeease)? They’re your team. 




What’s your name and job title?
“Lillie, Art Director.”

When did you start working at Puzzle?
“Just over 5 years ago”

Summarise what you do at work in 5 words or less.
“Visual storytelling.”

If you were shipwrecked on a desert island, but all your basic human needs (like food and water) were taken care of – what three things would you want with you?
“Playlist that reminds me of all my friends, family and good times, a book on astronomy (as I’ll be stargazing every night) and a hammock.”

Give me a really good piece of advice, please.
“Never lower yourself to a kitten heel.”

What’s your go-to karaoke song (and how many shots do you need to get on stage)?
“Tequila. Only two words and one long dance break. 5 shots before, 2 (tequila) shots during.”



What’s your name and job title?
“Megan, Senior Creative.”

When did you start working at Puzzle?
“August 2018, at first as an intern 🤪”

Summarise what you do at work in 5 words or less.
“Think of ideas for campaigns.”

If you could put anything on a t-shirt, what would it be?
“Get in the bin.”

Make us a 5-song playlist to sum up your music taste.
“I feel like my music taste is…questionable. Bringing you some old skl bangers:

  • Millionare – Kelis
  • Thinking of you – Sister Sledge
  • Quest for Coin – Ezra Collective
  • Paolo Nutini – 10/10
  • Don’t impress me much (the HAIM cover)”

Tell us your favourite joke.
“(Big time Dad joke). ‘You’ve got a hole in your jeans’ …pointing at someone with purposely ripped jeans.”




What’s your name and job title?
“Elliott, Junior Digital Designer.”

When did you start working at Puzzle?
September 2018.”

Summarise what you do at work in 5 words or less.
“Design vectors and motion bits.”

What’s your favourite takeaway and what do you usually get?
“Indian all day long, love a lamb bhuna.”

If you could immediately pass one law, what would it be?
“Pubs should be open again 😂”

If you were reincarnated as an animal, what would you be and why?
“An owl, they’re majestic mofos (got a tattoo of one and everything).”



What’s your name and job title?
“Sophie, Production Executive.”

When did you start working at Puzzle?
June 2019.”

Summarise what you do at work in 5 words or less.
“Creating digital + video content.

If you had “15 minutes of fame” what would it be for?
“Eating my bodyweight in cheese.”

Do you have any surprising party tricks?
“I can balance an orange on my elbow.”

What’s your best celebrity encounter story?
“I was Facebook friends with Harry Styles before he became famous!”



What’s your name and job title?
“John, Creative/Video Editor/The Loud One”

When did you start working at Puzzle?
I started back in 2015, when all we really did was take pictures of food and eat Deliveroo a lot (it was a good time). I was around for about a year and a half until I moved back to my home, Edinburgh. I weaselled myself back in just before the world ended and have been working remotely from Scotland ever since. Looking forward to “meeting” everyone in London/Nottingham when all of this virus chat is over.”

Summarise what you do at work in 5 words or less.
“I press make video button.”

All-time favourite movie moment? Ever.
“The 2 hours and 10 minutes of stuff what happens between the beginning of Jaws and the end of Jaws….”

If you were a sandwich, what kind of sandwich would you be?
“I would be a delicious Cuban sandwich, made with slices of slow cooked pork shoulder, brined, marinated and roasted over a 39 hour period in garlic, lime, rum, fresh orange juice and other fresh herbs served on a toasted cuban roll with grilled ham, sliced dill pickles, melted Swiss cheese and a fruity, tangy, Buffalo mustard sauce. (You can find me as a sandwich every second weekend at a place called Wings Edinburgh where I run a pop up called Cubanos)”

You’ve got a dog, yeah? Show us a picture of your dog.


Interested in working with this lovely bunch? Get in touch on to talk about how we can meet your creative needs.

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