Hello, SquareStats.

Remember SquareStats?

You: What’s SquareStats?

Us: Oh, you know, only our flagship Instagram dashboard that gives post insights at the touch of a button and gets rid of those long hours of data analysis.

You: Oh, that sounds pretty fantastic actually!

Us: Yes, yes it does. But, we’re sure you’re wondering… what brought about this immensely handy tool? Kawai, one of our Analysts, has the scoop:

At Puzzle we’re constantly refining our content strategies and striving to surpass our partners’ objectives. This means diving into the murky depths of the data behind all that glamourous content. When it came to drilling down into it, we found that Instagram does not make it easy for you. Not one bit. We love her, but when you’re unable to export hard-earned data and are reduced to spending hours manually inputting data from a phone into massive spreadsheets… you would be right in thinking that sounds like a bit of a slog.

Well, as they say… “If you want a job done right, do it yourself”.  

That’s why the brainboxes here at Puzzle decided to create a platform that takes the fuss out of getting to that sweet, sweet data – and those even sweeter insights.

What does it actually do, Kawai? 

Well, I’m glad you asked. We use SquareStats to…

  •  View and store all data including engagement rates, reach, Story exit rates and many more metrics.
  •  Calculate the optimum times to post our partners’ content – whether it’s a Story, a fun post or Instagram’s new Reels feature.
  • Share live post and Story links with partners so they can see performance in real-time (and see that your incredible media strategy is working as intended).
  • Track and find hashtags to boost discovery and see what’s trending.
  • Instantly download any data to CSV for easy reporting (from its desktop-based platform.)

Now, doesn’t that all sound marvellous? If you’re more of an evidence person, though, keep reading.

The snazzy graph below (which, thanks to SquareStats, was quick and painless to generate and export) shows the reach for one of our partners’ Instagram Stories over the course of a month, and how this reach holds up the more Story panels you add (i.e. how long the Story is). 

Reach vs Panel by IG Stories (30 Days)
A graph showing the reach of Instagram Stories compared to the number of frames the story is made up of.

Interestingly, across different Stories and themes of content, we can see each one followed a similar pattern, despite initially reaching different numbers of people. This suggests that regardless of content, and even regardless of Story length in many cases, users are consuming Stories the same way as any other type of content. And yeah, we got all that from a graph.

Still not convinced? You want even more insight? Oh, go on then…

The two wonderful charts you see below show the Reach and Interactions for the same Stories of the month as the partner shown above. But what do we learn from these?

A graph showing Reach vs Interactions of Instagram Stories based on the length of the story


When we look at Reach vs Interactions for the same Stories, we find that the data is at odds with a common misconception… The myth that increased interactions is rewarded with increased reach by the Instagram algorithm! Boom. The data from SquareStats shows that interactions for this client have little bearing on overall reach.  And yeah, we got all that from a graph.

We’re pretty proud of the platform we’ve built. So much so that we use it to export and report for our partners – so if you’d like to chat about how we can meet your data analysis needs, drop us a line on hello@puzzlelondon.com

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