Pride at Puzzle

It’s Pride Month – a month to celebrate the work of LGBTQ+ people, educate on LGBTQ+ history and raise awareness for LGBTQ+ issues. Here at Puzzle, we are committed to making sure everyone is comfortable being themselves – for this very reason, we are Stonewall Diversity Champions. 

As Pride Month wraps up, we’ve had a chat with our LGBTQ+ members of Puzzle to see what Pride means to them…

“For me, pride means having the ability to express myself for exactly who I am, being able to share that with other members of the LGBTQ+ community – allowing us all to have a bloody great time expressing and loving ourselves and each other  – Erin, Community Manager

“Family, acceptance, glitter and a whole lot of love for yourself and our special community 💓– Joey, Account Manager

“Being queer to me means being part of a community where you’re safe to be authentically yourself – and have fun with expressing it!” – Ella, Head of Engagement 

Pride month to me is a reminder that our community can take up space and have fun doing it!” – Han, Account Manager

“Pride for me is about unapologetically being yourself, and surrounding yourself with those who love and support you 100%” – Anonymous Puzzler 

Thank you to our wonderful team members for sharing! We’re incredibly proud to hear our LGBTQ+ Puzzlers feelings and experiences with Pride. 

If you’d like to know our thoughts on how you can avoid pridewashing in your campaigns, check out our Senior Community Manager George’s blog on BITE here.

Or… Got a queer led campaign in mind? Interested in bumping up your influencer inclusivity? Just want to chat? Drop us a line here.

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