Canal & River Trust

Canal & River Trust were looking for a product to drive cash income and direct engaged supporters towards a regular giving journey.


We created My Stretch, a site that allowed users to sponsor a part of the waterway that is special to them. Supporters could select or upload a photo, and write a story that details their connection.

In order to drive potential users to the site we used highly targeted paid media. Our paid media approach was to segment and improve efficiency over time, reducing cost per acquisition on a continual basis.


Over 750 special stretches were sponsored during this time the site was live. Through the network, we developed deep connections with people by gathering and engaging with an incredible amount of truly moving stories. On any given day, supporters were sharing their lives and emotional connections made with love with the Trust. That allowed these memories and crucial connection to the waterways to become a core part of an onward journey asking supporters to consider a regular donation to Canal & River Trust. 

It’s really important for us to know why people connect emotionally with our cause and, to give them a way to do that easily. Love My Stretch is beautiful in its simplicity, it perfectly encapsulates all the great things about the waterways. The design is slick and Puzzle’s ability to find and drive the right people to site is fantastic.

Nick Marsh, Head of Individual Giving, Canal & River Trust