Waitrose & Partners

We were tasked with simplifying Waitrose’s product catalogue for their international partners.

Before Waitrose worked with us, their process involved sending a static Excel spreadsheet every 6 months to their international partners of their product catalogue. From there, the partners would inform Waitrose what they wanted, then Waitrose would update the customer price book. The whole process was time consuming, outdated and not cost effective.

Our Solution

We built an effective CMS that allowed Waitrose to upload then edit, add and remove products by a click of a button. Customers now have access to a visual catalogue, showing pictures, details and data from the latest catalogue. The system also showed the most popular products across all customers, giving the user the ability to see whether they stock the most popular products.

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The Result

What we created used technology to innovate a manual process transforming it into an experience for Waitrose’s international partners. We made it easier than ever for Waitrose’s international partners to buy and be part of the Waitrose brand. Waitrose and Puzzle are currently working together to make the process even shorter and simpler, with new functionality for both Waitrose and their partners.

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We have really enjoyed working with Puzzle from start to finish. They were not only professional but really listened to exactly what we wanted.

Suzy Wadsworth, Partner & Brand Development Manager, Waitrose & Partners