We’re proud to have worked with Deliveroo from when they were just 3 people and 2 postcodes in London. Today they are more than 3,000 people and live in 12 countries.

Our challenge at the beginning was to bring awareness, engagement and acquisition for what, at the time was a brand-new delivery concept in selected areas of London.

Inventing new methods

Beginning with just a few postcodes in Chelsea, we were tasked with raising awareness of the service and educating customers on a new type of premium delivery service. We did this through content creation, promotions, competitions and targeted social media advertising, predominately on Facebook. During development of the approach, we found that targeting options available for our content weren’t granular enough to meet our needs: a hyperlocal delivery service needs hyperlocal targeting. If we’re showing incredible, irresistible food from local businesses, we need to ensure that the audience are actually local too, and that they share the excitement being generated by the content.

We worked with the Facebook engineering team in Palo Alto to develop an option that would be more effective. Our work with Facebook brought about the radial targeting tool that is today available to all advertisers globally. The feature enables tighter geographic targeting around a specific area and was perfect for Deliveroo’s needs.

What initially started as social content production and management, quickly saw us devise and manage their first Out of Home, Radio, eCRM, Display, VOD and copywriting for the site. Over 2 years we helped launch Deliveroo in 12 countries across EMEA and APAC.

In order to facilitate Deliveroo’s growth, we setup and managed a set of tools for the international marketing teams including a self service portal, ticketing system for creative requests and weekly webinars to ensure there was support regardless of timezone.

We pride ourselves on being able to fully integrate with our partners. The ethos of Puzzle is built on collaboration, ultimately if you aren’t succeeding and hitting your targets, then neither are we.

We’re a partner, not just a supplier.

52,000,000+ People reach
12 Launched countries

Our marketing activities for Deliveroo reached more than 52m people and we have helped launch Deliveroo into 12 countries across the globe.

Puzzle was an integral partner for Deliveroo from the start. The team worked as a seamless extension of the marketing team and helped us to launch in 12 countries across EMEA and APAC.

Leonard Picardo, Marketing Director at Deliveroo