Meet our Puzzle peeps!


Meet Francis Burns (He/Him)

Managing Director

With more than a decade of digital, build & social tucked under his belt, working with brands from IKEA, Cancer Research UK, Tesco mobile, Klarna - and a once small start-up called Deliveroo - Francis has almost seen it all. Almost. He founded Puzzle to be an agile, reactive agency who truly operate on a partner, not supplier, basis. His ultimate weakness is cheese.


Meet Lauren White (She/Her)

Chief Operating Officer

Working in-house, agency side and in a few surprise roles has given Lauren a solid understanding of what needs delivered, when, and how. She's raised millions digitally at some of the UK's biggest charities and helped simultaneously grow Puzzle’s revenue alongside its supportive culture. Cats wander out of the woods and into her home, and she likes it that way.


Meet Martin Burns (He/Him)

Head of Media & Insight

Find someone who looks at you the way Martin looks at spreadsheets. Cutting his teeth on complex queries and data mapping for a big gas network put him in good stead for the nitty gritty of digital paid media and insight. A huge achievement in his early Puzzle days was working with the Facebook (sorry, Meta) team in Palo Alto to develop the geotargeting tool that every advertiser uses today.


Meet Ella Seasmith (She/They)

Head of Engagement

Engagement-led strategies are Ella's bread and butter. And she is one hell of a baker! Whether you need to build a meaningful community, work with the right influencers to actually shift the dial or develop a tone of voice to bring your brand to life, Ella is the one. Just don’t ask her about Doctor Who unless you have a couple of hours to spare; trust us.


Meet Lillie Cooper (She/Her)

Art Director

Lillie loves visual storytelling. She's been with Puzzle from year one, starting with an interest in all things creative, she now leads the way (and the team!) Building a Rube Goldberg machine? Nailed it. Designing and installing bespoke studios in the Puzzle offices? Nailed that too. Keeping a keen eye on creativity and partner objectives? Naturally. Eaten almost every food group with marmite? Obviously.