It’s raining cats and dogs | Tracking Charitable Attitudes

It's raining cats and dogs

In a battle no-one knew was raging, dog owners bite back this quarter as the people most likely to have given to charity. Dog and cat owners are still top of the pops more generally, with a whopping 67% giving. Empathy is a warm fuzzy face.

Almost 65% of people reported giving a one-off cash gift in the last quarter, which is still comparable to the figure from the first-round data*.

Where’s the money going you ask? Well, 61% of those report giving to domestic charities.

What else?

  • Times Up (US legal defence fund) was named as a supported campaign
  • Trust is a tricky thing, with reported increases and decreases where people have seen charity ads (vs. those who didn’t.) Luckily the increase outweighed the decrease – but only in relation to having seen ads (15% vs 10% and 3% vs 5%)
  • Ads do seem to be working for driving giving intent, with 20% who saw ads saying they were more likely to give (vs. 0% of those who hadn’t seen ads)
  • Tell me something I already know… oh go on then. Those in the higher income brackets (over £84k) were those least likely to have given.

*Looking at the raw data, it’s possible that people aren’t interpreting the question as we are. It’s an interesting area and one that we may begin to delve deeper into as a part of the next round. Keep your eyes peeled.

A note on categories and methodology here.

The survey covers 385 respondents across the UK [Age: 65-100 years (25%), 25-44 years (25%), 15-24 years (25%), 45-64 years (25%) Gender: Female (51%), Male (49%)] using insight platform Attest on 15-16th January.

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