We’re proud to have been working with Deliveroo since they were just 3 people and 2 postcodes in London. Today they are more than 1,000 people and live in 12 countries.

Our challenge at the beginning was to bring awareness, engagement and sales for what, at the time was a brand-new delivery concept in selected areas of London.

Inventing new methods

We first started out attracting consumers in the royal borough of Kensington and Chelsea to use Deliveroo. We did this through creating content, promotions and competitions we then distributed it through targeted social media advertising, predominately on Facebook. Initially, we had the problem of precisely demographically targeting within postcodes on Facebook, as Facebook hadn’t developed micro-targeting as we know it today. So we worked with Facebooks engineers in California to develop a radius tool within Facebook which we could drop a pin within a postcode and target within a mile radius. This then allowed us to target multiple demographics simultaneously in the borough with different messages, creative and propositions that was most relevant to them. After we used it successfully Facebook rolled it out for anyone to use on their platforms and it formed the basis of their targeting options today.

As they grew, our work went from mainly paid social to performance marketing (PPC, SEM & Google Display Network), creating their eCRM to perform email campaigns to their first OOH, press and radio campaigns. This was performed in EMEA then in APAC.

Alongside performing marketing campaigns for Deliveroo across the globe, we created a global marketing toolkit for all Deliveroo marketing employees to use as a resource. We also performed weekly marketing sessions which employees across the globe could dial into to learn/brush up on their marketing skills and best practices. This resource helped the marketing team scale at pace and allow consistent high-quality marketing across all markets.

52,000,000+ People reach
12 Launched countries

So far, our marketing activities for Deliveroo have reached more than 52m people and we have helped launch Deliveroo into 12 countries across the globe.

Puzzle was an integral partner for Deliveroo from the start. The team worked as a seamless extension of the marketing team and helped us to launch in 12 countries across EMEA and APAC.

Leonard Picardo, Marketing Director at Deliveroo
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