Cancer Research UK

From innovation┬áto influencers, we’re working with Cancer Research UK to develop and explore new audiences and digital channels.

Canal & River Trust

We’re working on media, content & campaigns with the Trust to protect our waterways for future generations.


We’re working with VSO on campaigns to fight poverty around the world.

EE & Wembley Stadium

The most innovative and engaging stadium tours to date.


We helped the multinational company, Deliveroo grow to take over your streets in as many as 12 countries.

GameStore from the National Lottery

We’ve helped transition The National Lottery from TV to Web and helped engage audiences with live events.


We brought the nation’s favourite TV show direct to your phone.

LDN Muscle

We built the app for the guys who make work outs easy.


Scale mountains & visit far to reach places all on two wheels with Ride25

SixDay London

We built the website and app for the biggest cycling events in and around London.


Simplifying claims for rail delays – Puzzle worked with railrepay to deliver the app every commuter needs.


Reimagining Healthcare – We’ve worked with Qure to launch an innovative, on demand health tech app.